[013] Reishi Mushroom Magic – Dr. Phil Garrison

reishi magicToday you are in for an absolute treat!

We are incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Phil Garrison DAOM on the show today and we are doing to talk about Reishi Mushroom Magic! Dr. Phil is a former Herbal Consultant at K’an Herb Company (Santa Cruz, CA) and a former Instructor of Chinese Herbalism at Five Branches University (Santa Cruz, CA). He currently practices Chinese herbalism in the San Diego area, is the Chief Science Officer at Immortality Alchemy, LLC, and teaches Chinese medical classics in the doctoral program at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

What You’ll Learn By Listening…

  • What the heck is the triple warmer in Chinese medicine?
  • What is the doctor of signatures of the Reishi mushroom? And how does it increase radiant health and longevity?
  • How does Chinese medicine observe the natural rhythms of the seasons?

Dr. Phil Garrison


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