[018] Making Tinctures – Percolation Method- MJ Beaupre

Making PercolationsToday you are in for an absolute treat!

We are incredibly fortunate to have Herbalist MJ Beaupre, from Elixirmixir, on the podcast to talk about Percolations!


What You’ll Learn By Listening…

  • The what and the how behind percolations
  • Percolated vinegars, tinctures and resins
  • How to make a percolator

MJ’s Website: Bringing in the Light

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  1. I recently found your podcast and I just love it! You are doing a wonderful job. I was excited to hear MJ on this podcast because she mentioned JoAnn Sanchez from SWIHA and that’s where I am currently attending school for Western Herbalism! Again great job! Peace and Love!

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