Who am I

Monica TomasiIt all started in a garden. The garden that I spent my playing hours in when I was a child was a place of solace, wonder and timeless space. I thank my mother for always keeping her garden healthy, colorful and robust. Under the massive shade of a carob tree, there were roses, lilies, gardenias, bird of paradise, night blooming jasmine, and snapdragons to name a few. My favorite plant in all the garden was the Jade (Crassula ovata) plant. This Jade plant was alive when my mother was a child and she lived in this very same home.

One day when I was 9 years old, I remember feeling sad and confused about the harsh realities of the world. In a moment of tears I found myself at the foot the Jade plant and clutching its fleshy green leaves I asked, “Why am I here?” It was then that I heard bright and clear that I was here to be a healer of the plants and to share plant magic healing with people. In this way they, the humans, will learn to remember why they are here as well. From that day on I knew that the magic of the garden would always live within my soul. I named my business after the rhythms of the earth that called me to my purpose souls dharma.

This love for healing modalities has taken me on a magnificent journey and I find myself happiest when I’m learning or talking about herbal healing. Many people are looking for answers about their state of dis-ease and this flames my desire to share herbal and Ayurvedic wisdom with my community. My highest calling is to use herbal nerdiness, by making herbal formulas, guiding others into health and by having deep heart spaced connections. Last year I decided to launch, “The Herb Nerd Podcast,” to create a platform where other Herb Nerds could connect and “Nerd Out!”  I consider myself blessed because I am following my dharma – my purpose in life – and it brings me so much joy. What brings me even greater joy is to share my journey with you.

In deep gratitude: I thank the many herbal teachers that have shared their knowledge with me and have come into my life. I am forever grateful for my clients who have taught me so much and to have been a part of their healing journey. I thank my mother for teaching me about plants and for always having a beautiful garden for me to explore. I thank my father for teaching me the importance of self-discovery and to think out of the box and I give thanks to the plant spirits for sharing their wisdom with me.

Education: Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Certified Panchakarma Specialist, NAMA certified, Certified Massage Therapist 2001, California Massage Therapy License, Advanced Herbal Apprenticeship with Kathi Keville 2013, Matthew Wood Herbal Apprenticeship 2015